600_427033622«Change your view to understand the change.»
«Judging is not the same as just knowing the difference, knowing the difference is a direct link to conditions.»
«When you say something, do you know what you mean if you remove the words? What is the thing before you label it?»
— Sam F.S. Chin

«We as martial artists, we should kick ass, so why do we want to train harmony and balance? Martial arts is not only for fighting. Chinese martial arts – Kung Fu, is about cultivation. Therefore it consists of health, martial, and mental / spiritual to understand ‘who you are’. In other words, to have balance and harmony to be HAPPY. You want to be a happy person. I’m a happy person versus I’m an angry person is different. If I’m a happy person, you are along with nature. Practically speaking, nature has no freedom. If you’re not with nature, you’re against nature. If you’re not with nature, it kicks your ass. That means you kick your own ass. So you train balance and harmony and you still can kick ass. You don’t want to train angry mental to kick ass.» — Master Sam F.S. Chin