Ретрит для инструкторов Илицюань, который стартовал несколько дней тому(23/05/14) под руководством грандмастера Чин Фан Сёна.
Содержание без перевода на русский, английский простой, всё можно перевести самостоятельно. Если возникнут сложности с пониманием — пишите в комментариях, будем разбираться вместе.

    «I Liq Chuan readiness is not the readiness of a sprinter ready to run at the sound of the pistol, its the readiness to keep up with uncertainties.»
    «Students know what they want but they don’t know what they need, teacher must give them what they need, but that the students don’t want»; «to train the person to change view is to change a character — that is the miracle».
    «How can we act? based on what reference do we act? if that reference is not a neutral reference, that means you are biased. no matter what we study we always need a reference. We look into four things: body, feeling, mind, conditions. it all comes down to feeling — feeling your body, feeling the feeling, feeling the mind, recognizing conditions / relationships.»
    «It is going now in NY.
    Notice from iliqchuan Sam Chin workshop:
    What we are teaching is Body, feeling, mind, nature.
    Body: earth, water, air, fire.
    Bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin.
    Able to observe separation of muscles and bones.
    Neutral as a reference.
    Do you put time to study it or not?»
    «Martal art Skills, business skills.
    Advise: stick to our process, outsiders searching something else. We works more to cultivation. To able to apply.
    2 parts: skills according to cirricurum, approach — philosophy applying to all levels.
    Q: what is the minimum qualification for each level.
    Each topic of 10-10 is for learning ourself and teaching the students.
    Imp: to know and understand where is the reference.
    Solo have a solo reference.

    View is what you see, what you believe, what you understand. View is make you concentrate and make you not concentrate.»

    «Quality of clamping.
    Front Ripping down.
    When point is right the formation is form.
    Learn to right energy first then to find the formation.
    Is to see what the reference first.
    We want to be in readiness. Because is «Chuan».
    Right energy have a perfect form.
    One direction readiness is different from our readiness.
    If you have a choose: follow concepts or follow you Sifu. Follow the concepts is the guide.
    Dantien is always draw. Mingmen is always over flowing.»
    «Unify self, unify movement, unify opponent.
    You need to relate with opponent mass.
    6 physical point, 13 points, triangle energy.
    Mind must be with the actions.
    You cannot be coordinate without balance .
    Chin Lik Keong talked: how you gonna use your hand if you even don’t know that is your hand?
    Way are no freedom. Cannot add, cannot take away.
    All actions base on all different views.»
    «Q: how do you train to understand the bones?
    sqeezing, looseness, hanging, open and close the joints…
    In the present I know. But when you act you pull out you past experience, do you call it be in present?
    On the point of contact if there is a empty you just occupy.»
    «We are train clearity, emotions will disappear.
    If it clear, you can remember. If it is nor clear, cannot remember.
    Clearity come from seeng relationship.
    If the opponent moving you are using from top to bottom. If your opponent is not move you are using from bottom to top. (about absorbing energy).»


Спасибо, Дарье Сергеевой и Дмитрию Гринбергу за информацию!